La Estanzuela

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The community of La Estanzuela is home to about 350 Hondurans. After assessing the most pressing needs of the community during previous visits, EWB-USC determined that a severe scarcity of clean water had to be addressed. The current villagers can either collect contaminated spring water from a minimal flow well or hike many miles back and forth from the local river. This has led to gastrointestinal diseases and lack of proper hydration to many of the residents, especially during the dry season.


To greatly increase the quality of life of those in La Estanzuela, EWB-USC designed a water wheel pump delivery system to continually fill a previously constructed 10,000 gallon tank. This tank is connected to each household, but currently has no water supply. After the design was approved by EWB-USA in 2009, EWB-USC traveled to Honduras in 2010 to begin construction of the expansive system. After several successive trips, the water pump filtration system was completed, giving potable water access to everyone in the community.

To ensure long time effectiveness of the project, EWB-USC diligently educated the community on how to perform maintenance and care for the water pump filtration system. In addition, a board of community members were elected for the purposes of maintaining a relationship with EWB and setting up funds to pay for chlorine tables and any necessary materials for the water pump filtration system. EWB-USC witnessed the community’s incredible dedication to maintaining continued operation of the pump, with members going as often as every five days to flush the filtration boxes with additional maintenance being performed as necessary.

Below are photographs showing EWB-USC implementing the project and interacting with the community throughout project site visits.