Executive Board

Harrison Getter - President

Harrison is a junior currently studying electrical engineering and computer programming. Growing up in inner-city Boston, he attended a suburban private high school and enjoyed playing soccer and futsal in his free time. His favorite football clubs are Real Madrid and Tottenham Spurs. He’s also proud to be brother in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Linnea Engstrom - Vice President

Linnea is a Junior studying Environmental Engineering. Now in her third year with the club, she currently serves as Vice President for EWB at USC. She is also the Vice President of USC’s Society of Civil Engineers and Vice President of Chapter Operations for her sorority! When she can find some free time, she loves going to the beach, hiking, and going to Salt & Straw! (Her favorite flavor is Roasted Strawberry Toasted White Chocolate. Highly recommended.)

Wessly Hernandez - Senior Project Manager

Wessly grew up in the city of Los Angeles and is now a Junior studying civil engineering. In the future, he wants to travel the world and help those in need. As of now he just loves to play music.

Sabrina Albrecht - International Project Manager

Sabrina is currently a sophomore studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. On campus, she’s also the Director of Marketing for Viterbi+ and is on the marathon team. In her spare time, she loves to travel, read, and explore the outdoors.

Jonathan Swan - Project Manager

Jon is a junior pursuing mechanical engineering at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering after receiving his music degree from USC in 2012. He heard about Engineers Without Borders through friends and knew the singular philanthropic impact their work would have. Jon joined the International Project for Guatemala and loved it. Supported by such wonderful and brilliant colleagues, Jon is confident that EWB-USC’s outreach will provide necessary services to many in need.

Josh Neutel - Project Manager

Josh is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Sustainable Energy. Outside of EWB, he is a part of the treasury committee for Pi Kappa Alpha (a social fraternity). He also studies polymer synthesis at the Armani Research Lab on campus. His hobbies include lifting, swimming, and playing basketball!

Spencer Gilbert - Fundraising Director

Spencer is a junior studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Polymer/Material Science. On campus, he has done research on ultraviolet light responsive polymer films. He loves to play sports and listen to music!

Alex Volcy - Marketing Chair

Alex is a Junior studying Business and Computer Science. In addition to being the Marketing Chair for EWB, Alex is also a marketing consultant for the student organization AIM. Outside of academics and extracurriculars, Alex loves listening to music and rooting for terrible sports franchises. This includes the New York Jets, the Brooklyn Nets, and Liverpool FC.

Kevin Decker - Treasurer

Kevin Decker is a junior studying mechanical engineering at USC Viterbi School of Engineering. He was drawn to Engineers Without Borders after a conversation about helping those less fortunate than himself. After his first gathering with EWB-USC, he was hooked. EWB-USC is full of strong, smart, and passionate people looking to make the world a better place. EWB offers the perfect opportunity to gain real world experience and advance his engineering skills through philanthropic work.

Gavin Bains - Webmaster

Gavin is a Sophomore studying Physics and Computer Science. Outside of EWB, Gavin is involved in Liquid Propulsion Lab, Novus Think Tank, Hyperloop, Model UN, and BITS (through which he is developing the website for USC’s MSF program). Gavin loves to write, play, and listen to music and has a passion for theatre, surfing, skiing, and soccer.

Clare Sargent - External Chair

Clare is a junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Chinese for the Professions. Aside from EWB, she is a Viterbi Student Ambassador, Freshman Academy Coach, and is VP of Communications for IISE. Outside of school she loves riding horses and exploring LA for hidden food gems. She loves EWB because it gives her the ability to work with so many different types of engineers all while helping people all around the world.

Ashen Bhumbla - Freshman Representative

Ashwin is a Freshman studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. He also spends his time as an alto saxophone in the Trojan Marching Band and in on campus research. His passions include hiking, travelling, and hiking while traveling. He misses his dog more than his parents and sincerely hopes they never read this description.