Professional Engineering Panel & Letter-Writing Campaign


On Wednesday November 17 th , EWB-USC hosted the first ever panel on the world of professional engineering. Our three talented mentors— Derya Thompson (structural engineering), Brad Pierce (petroleum engineering) and Peter Kraut (mechanical and electrical engineering)— spoke about their experiences becoming an engineer, what they do in their field of engineering, and projects they have worked on. After their presentations, students were given the opportunity to ask the mentors questions about their individual experiences and what motivates them as engineers. Each of the mentors gave advice for what to do during college to maximize chances of succeeding in the engineering field.

Following the panel, students in attendance participated in a letter writing campaign to potential donors on hand-designed letters. This fundraising opportunity allowed EWB-USC to personally reach out to people and ask for donations. These donations will go directly towards our efforts in Guatemala and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.