Friends and Neighbors Day 2/6/2016

A few Saturdays ago, we volunteered at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles as part of USC’s Friends and Neighbors Day program.  About ten of us spent the morning in the garden pruning and composting.  Some members had never done anything of the sort before, and it was a great opportunity to get our hands dirty learning something applicable for future chapter projects.  We filled several wire frames with several layers of manure, mulch, and various plant material while soaking the mixture with water infused with a chemical to promote bacteria growth.  We enjoyed getting to know new members of the club and working together on the project.  The project gave our members a sense of what EWB is all about – community, teamwork, and service –  and it was great to see how a few hours of our time could result in so much immediate progress for others.  In the future, we are looking forward to getting more involved in the immediate community surrounding USC.